Learning and Teaching

We believe that real learning involves meaningful engagement where learning is individualised and talents and interests pursued.

Our children are learners of the 21st Century developing Information Communication and Technology skills alongside thinking and self management skills. Collaboration and competition nurtures every child's ability to work with others and strive for excellence.

As a learning community we acknowledge the capacity of everyone as both a learner and a teacher. The expertise of individuals is celebrated and promoted through peer tutoring, collaboration and performance.
The opportunity to teach others promotes leadership qualities and strengthens understandings.

Knowledge of each child is paramount in providing appropriate learning opportunities for individuals. Children are constantly assessed and monitored against developmental domains including social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. The timetabling of teaching facilitators enables individual and small group interactions, assessments and deep instructional teaching responding to our children’s needs.

Effective Learning and Teaching

  • A balance of discovery learning and personal exploration on one hand, and systematic teaching and guidance on the other
  • The taking into account of individual differences in abilities, needs and motivation between students
  • The provision of explicit links to the student’s prior knowledge and skills
  • Collaborative learning
  • Strategies that enable students to take control of their learning
  • Teaching strategies that show students how to transfer skills in new situations
  • Opportunities for contact with and observation of experts
  • "Just in time" learning - students and teachers accessing information and learning resources when and where they need them
  • We believe that real learning involves meaningful engagement, where learning is individualised and talents and interests are pursued


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