LEADERSHIP CENTRE - Strong leaders work to Heal our world

Students in Years 5 and 6 lead by example, with confidence initiative and courage.

During the final two years at Bethany Year 5 and 6 students generalising on their growing knowledge and applying many skills with greater independence. Through an understanding of the leadership capacity within us all, senior students take the role as student leaders at Bethany.

 Students are charged with the role of leaders and learn about and identify leaders who are positive role models in society.


Hub areas are named after significant leaders: Caroline Chisholm, Mary MacKillop, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Archbishop Little and Maximillian Kolbe.

Students and teachers gather in Hub spaces at the beginning and end of each day. Hub group times nurture relationships and provide a platform for daily organisation. As independent learners students at this level attend workshops to meet specific learning goals and manage their day accessing Instructional Roving Teachers as required.

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