School Policies and Documents

Bethany Primary School is situated in Werribee North. It is part of the St Andrew’s Parish of Werribee.

It was established in 1995 and has an enrolment of 600 students. Bethany brings together a diverse range of students from twenty ethnic backgrounds. Such cultural diversity is highly valued within the school.

Bethany has a strong spirit of team where students, teachers and parents actively work together to provide a vibrant and caring school community.

Our School Vision forms the basis of all that we do.

We believe it is only through authentic relationships that we can bring about success for all.

Bethany Absent from School

Regular attendance at school is vital and expected. Naturally if a child is unwell they need to stay at home. Should a child miss a day at school we ask that we receive written signed notification from the parent. A template that may assist you with this expectation is provided below.

Bethany Absent from School Template

School Policies

Privacy Policy
Child Safety Policy
Child Safety Code of Conduct
Community Grievances
Child Protection: Reporting Obligations
Parent Code of Conduct
Working with Children Check Policy




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