Bethany Social Curriculum

Our commitment to the primacy of Student Wellbeing is reflected in the commitment of all teachers to our school devised 'Social Curriculum'. This Curriculum encompasses Successful Living skills, resilience, drug information, personal and interpersonal capability, etiquette and ethics.

Positive wellbeing is considered to be the single most important aspect of an individual's ability to be successful in life and living. Our school focuses much time and effort into ensuring that its programs and structures are meeting the needs of the individuals in each level of the school. Broadly speaking, the Bethany Social Curriculum encapsulates all the contributions the school makes to student development in the sphere of Student Wellbeing. The acknowledgement by the students that this is an area of great personal importance and interest to them is reflected in the calm, quiet environments in which the students learn and socialise.

Successful Living Skills




There are many skills that will make us successful

in our living.  Here at Bethany Catholic Primary

School we focus on the following six skills: Managing,

Thinking, Witnessing, Communicating, Creating and


The aim of explicitly teaching these skills and staff

modelling these skills is to assist our students to

become successful learners, helping to improve their

academic learning and enhancing their motivation to

reach their full potential, with a sense of hope and

optimism about their lives and the future.






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