The Arts

At Bethany we believe that developing the students creative talents is an essential part of the wellbeing of all students. Our school curriculum provides students with opportunities to develop their creative skills, through a variety of visual and performing art mediums.

Boite Choir

Each year the Year 4 students in the Bridging Centre explore the world through song with the Boite Schools Chorus: a state wide chorus event for schools and community youth choirs.

In Term 2, Year 4 students audition to represent our school in this initiative. Approximately 45 students represent our school alongside other schools across the state and performed at Melbourne Town Hall in the Boite schools choir.

Our Boite choir has now been running for many years and students are always very keen to contribute to the school in this way.


In year 4 student have the opportunity to experience African Drumming.  Whilst  for 5 and 6 students  this experience devlops into the opportunity to be part of an African Drumming group.  In these sessions they; explore hand and stick drum techniques, learn how to play other percussion instruments and improve their sense of rhythm and beat

Students culminate their drumming experience with performances at school events such as Confirmation and Graduation.


Music experiences are provided for students throughout the school. Students explore the many elements of music making and performance. They do this by; singing alone and with others, learning about different tuned and untuned percussion instruments and being involved in musical activities that are movement based.

Art Skilling

The Visual Arts at the school is extremely strong. Many different media are explored are developed through the Yaers from Prep to Year 6.  Students are provided with a range of creative opportunities to work with various mediums through Bethany’s Visual Arts program.  A range of arts and appreciation skills are fostered within the school.